Tuilaepa Youth Mentoring Service

Our TYMS family wish to express their gratitude and appreciation for the computers provided. Many of our young people, both current and those who have exited our programme have used these computers to access information on the internet, do their school work, complete their CV’s and find work. Mentors find the computers especially useful with their sessions – not only do they use these for planning and reporting, but also to teach young people computer skills that will benefit them in school and in the workplace. Our Reporting & Monitoring has improved significantly since the introduction of these computers. With digitized reporting and with enough computers for the whole team, administration time has decreased, allowing mentors more face-time with their young people. Also, with this digitized Reporting & Monitoring system in place, we have easy access to information that allows us to evaluate our impact and tell our story, enabling better access to funding and other resources that will further enhance the lives of our young people. It is evident that our young people and team have greatly benefited from your generosity, and with our increasing client numbers, more lives are yet to benefit.