Special Covid-19 Announcement

We would like to assure our business donors, charity recipients and community organisations that Digital Wings is still running during the Covid-19 lock-down. Our hardware partner RemarkIT Solutions is recognised by Govt as an essential service and we are supplying computers to charities working remotely to support their clients.

Corporate donors please continue to request pick-ups
Communities please continue to apply for support

Any queries 0800-DIGI-WINGS (0800-3444-94)

Matching corporate donors with recipient communities is easy and effective through the Digital Wings programme

At Digital Wings we are committed to a clean and thriving Aotearoa New Zealand

Digital Wings is helping charities to continue their work during the Covid-19 and Delta lockdown periods. Working from home and connecting remotely is not new for the Digital Wings operations and governance team with all our meetings conducted via Zoom. Our trustees beam in from Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Rotorua and Northland to keep our vibrant operations and governance thriving. What we appreciate is how we have impacted the ability of Digital Wings charities to likewise operate from home during this pandemic. These testimonials remind us of the importance of Digital Wings’ work, as many charities are grappling with closing their physical doors and finding new ways to deliver their vital services to vulnerable communities. Digital Wings has also created a video library for our Rangatahi Digital Workshops, so we share this new reality with our partners online. Covid has had an impact on our supply chain, with businesses deferring upgrades and retaining laptops and monitors to send home with their own staff to work remotely, followed by difficulty in renewing their devices within global shortages of laptop componentry.

Businesses responsibly dispose of viable electronic Equipment while helping young New Zealanders flourish

Digital Wings
Digital Wings

“Transpower has been a donor of surplus IT equipment to Digital Wings since the latter’s inception.  We appreciate the hassle-free process that they offer in terms of collection and reporting on our equipment. Sustainability is an increasingly important feature of our business, and knowing we are finding a way of giving back to communities while also responsibly disposing of our old IT gear is incredibly satisfying to us.” - Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Transpower NZ Ltd.

“It has been a humbling experience to have such valued resources donated to our service. The innovation and opportunities these computers have created for our youth have been phenomenal.”

“Thanks, you guys rock! I probably would not have got that job if I didn’t have a computer to do my CV on.”

“It is pretty cool that people who don’t know you can give these things to you to help.”