Outer Spaces Youth Services

OuterSpaces works to celebrate the lives of young people with diverse genders and sexualities in the wider Wellington region through: - Advocacy - Education - Support and - Connecting Youth, families, government, schools and communities. OuterSpaces operates as the parent organisation for four LGBTIQ+ youth groups, based in Wellington:

We could not have achieved our capacity building without the support of Digital Wings technical equipment. We needed to be digital to organise communication, events and support amongst the groups. Having a PC is vital for Google surveys and sheets, arranging training and managing a volunteer database.It has been supercool to have Digital Wings’ support to get digitally organised to run our operations and our outcomes are significant.We have doubled our solid volunteer and trainer base in the 5 months since we received our Digital Wings computers. We have organised and run 2 full training and induction days. We are now able to have a volunteer librarian and designer working alongside the coordinator on the laptop to organise our data systems.We have communications from an average 16 applicants per week. We have organised 10-16 volunteers and 40 youth who attend our other sessions regularly.