New Brighton Stitch-O-Mat

We wish to thank Digital Wings for providing our laptops, we couldn’t be without them and they have become an essential part of our day to day activities.

  • Social Outcomes – over 2000 people utilise and access our facility to alleviate social isolation within community and improve the wellbeing of clients
  • Environmental Outcomes – we reuse fabric to create our garments and have provided a significant number of educational providers with opportunities to reduce their single use plastic & other waste
  • Community sewing facility with social and environmental impact
  • Provides community with opportunity to access sewing skills & resources
  • Reduces social isolation, allowing individuals to contribute to their community and promote sustainability through education on waste reduction
  • Promotion via Digital Wings technology has grown organisation considerably & facility users are impacted by involvement of Digital Wings
  • Able to access funding, resources, information and events for community
  • Belonging to Digital Wings has helped grow charity, expanding our facility twice in the last year as more and more people utilise our services
  • Access to technology has helped us secure funding to ensure we can continue; reliable easy to use laptop has made all the difference
  • Rely heavily on social media and email to connect with community
  • Wish to develop our online presence & our website to provide open sourced patterns to allow people free access to create their own clothing
New Brighton Stitch-O-Mat New Brighton Stitch-O-Mat New Brighton Stitch-O-Mat