New Anointing Samoan Christian Radio

  • Reaches Wellington Pasifika Community, through the utilization of Online Multimedia platforms\
  • Not a traditional radio network, but deliver our services via the internet
  • Develop and empower the next generation of Pacific media specialists
  • Train youth to gain knowledge in Radio Engineering, Producing Radio Media content
  • Emphasis on training and developing young people to enter the Multimedia industry, Radio Engineering, and Content Making fields
  • Create opportunity for those with passion to get on the air & get their voices out
  • With limited resources and funds at our disposal, we were able to deliver our small program with Digital Wings computers and laptops
  • Impacting young people, and Pasifika community for the better, currently working very closely with 7 youth and 8 adults in this program
  • Aim to grow this number, especially among Pasifika youth who have a desire to get into this field
New Samoan Christian Radio - Studio 1 New Samoan Christian Radio - Studio 2 New Samoan Christian Radio - Studio 3 New Samoan Christian Radio - Studio 1