“LIFT provides work-readiness, resources, tools, training, work experience and pastoral support. Activities and services are also provided to employers in our region, creating wrap-around pastoral care  and pathways to transition young people into employment. Many of our rangatahi don’t have computers or laptops at home. This means they are not able to participate in the work readiness and job searching activities, but they can do using LIFT’s donated computers  and laptops. They achieve:

Without the equipment provided by Digital Wings, LIFT rangatahi would not be able to undertake the same work readiness and job searching activities. With the support of Digital Wings more young people  are ready for work and finding work. We use the iPad to make short video clips of our rangatahi that are used for self-review of our services and structure. Given that most of our rangatahi struggled in the traditional education system, we find a video/talking  feedback system works much better.

Without the support of Digital Wings, LIFT would not have been able to get up and running as quickly as we did and offer the services required by our customers at the outset. The ongoing kanohi-ki-te-kanohi relationship we have with Digital Wings has continued to support the growth and development of LIFT. We seek ongoing feedback from the rangatahi, whanau and communities that access our services and knowing that Digital Wings as a partner can help us respond  to that feedback with resources and tools is critical.”