Whānau Ora Social Worker thanks Digital Wings for “the amazing work you do and the impact you have had on whānau from the Highbury community, not only through Kiwi Iwi Kāinga, but Te Aroha Noa and Highbury Whānau Centre also. Our organisations work in spaces where unfortunately there is a lot of inequality and where whānau are struggling in all types of ways. Words cannot express the immense positive impact the donations are having on the overall Hauora of our community.”

Using the Digital Wings desk top computers indoors and laptops outdoors enables us to:

  • Able to open every afternoon and provide the free education sessions to 162 rangatahi
  • Engage the rangatahi in online education/technology, through various interactive games/websites
  • Increased pathways of education; involved and confident learners building important life skills & digital skills
  • Increased pathways to employment; online NZTA Drivers Questionnaires
  • Leadership and community participation; typing and sending submissions to council
  • CVs and complete online job applications for community liaison officers
  • Successful in attaining employment with the Electoral Commission
Kiwi Iwi Youth